Optimal Insurance Solutions for Businesses:

We assist small to medium size businesses to obtain protection against loss due to disability of the owner(s) or key employee(s) to provide funds needed to continue operating the business; and in the event of loss due to death of the owner(s) or key employee(s) we assist in gathering competitive quotes from top insurance carriers to provided needed coverage. When there are several co-owners, and a buy-sell agreement exists, we assist in insuring the lives of the owners within the contract through any of our top insurance carriers.

For businesses with over ten employees, we provide assistance developing a benefits package which includes major medical, dental, vision, life and supplemental benefits, all provided by top insurance carriers. Through our affiliated businesses relationships, we also provide payroll services.

Optimal Insurance Solutions for Individuals and Families:

We help individuals and families obtaining coverage for loss due to death, disability. Health coverage through our top insurance carriers is also available. We assist with retirement products which are indexed and provide a guaranteed rate of return by top insurance carriers.

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